About the Week

Global Green Growth Institute will organize the Global Green Growth Week 2016 (GGGWeek2016), on September 5-9, 2016, on Jeju Island, Republic of Korea.

GGGWeek2016 will focus on:

  • Demonstrating current and emerging green growth trends from leading experts from both public and private sectors
  • Showcasing leadership and expertise on green finance, project development and technology/solutions
  • Connecting green technology providers, project developers and financers and negotiate deals
  • Surveying and sourcing new green products and services related to energy, water, transportation and construction

The Week will be comprised of 60+ discussion sessions over 5 days, including:

  • Global Green Growth Summit will convene 300+ heads of private and public financial institutions, heads of governments, and project developers from 30+ countries
  • Asia Regional Policy Dialogue on the coal-renewables dilemma will bring together 100+ ministers, CEOs and thought leaders from Asia’s leading economies
  • Green Growth Knowledge Platform Annual Conference will bring together 300+ experts from 40+ leading policy research institutions
  • International Emissions Trading Association Carbon Forum: Asia Carbon Market Trade Fair and Conference will bring together 500+ participants from 40+ countries
  • World Bank Partnership for Market Readiness will focus on innovative approaches to GHG mitigation using markets and carbon pricing
  • Meeting of the Inclusive Green Growth Partnership will bring together multilateral development banks and United Nations regional commissions
  • Country Focused Sessions will focus on showcasing GGGI's projects on the ground to highlight green investment opportunities
  • New Climate Economy Africa Initiative Launch will support African Policymakers as they navigate the nexus between economic development and climate change