Site Visits

Site Visits organized by the Jeju-Self-Governing Province to showcase the island’s renewable energy and related green growth projects.

Tentative Courses (Maximum 30 persons per group)

Green Growth Tour 1

(08:30 - 13:00, Total 4h 30)
Time Contents
08:00 - ICC Jeju
09:30 - 10:00 Gasiri Wind Farm
10:40 - 11:30 Smart Grid PR Center
13:00 Hotel

Green Growth Tour 2

(13:00 - 18:30, Total 5h 30)
Time Contents
13:00 - ICC Jeju
14:00 - 14:30 Gasiri Wind Farm
15:10 - 16:00 Smart Grid PR Center
16:10 - 17:00 Korea Institute of Energy Research
18:30 Hotel

Gasiri Wind Farm

This traditional village on Jeju Island has been preserved as it was in olden days with impressive piles of stones designed to protect roofs from the wind. The buildings have been designated important folk relics because there castles and homes that were built to prevent a Japanese invasion have remained intact since the Joseon Dynasty.

Smart Grid Complex

A smart grid is an electrical grid which includes a variety of operational and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficiency resources. Electronic power conditioning and control of the production and distribution of electricity are important aspects of the smart grid.

* Center Tour takes approximately 50minutes for each.